True Life’s Solutions

With the invisible threat all around us, it is paramount that we exhaust every avenue, and every piece of evidence. Together, with countless worldwide studies, we have the knowledge and the tools to do battle with the modern plagues of the 21st century. EMF’s (electromagnetic fields) and RF/MW (radio frequency and microwave radiation) have shown to be linked with the “diseases of modern civilization”. Cardiovascular disease, malignant neoplasms (cancer), diabetes, leukemia and child leukemia, together with brain tumors, just to name a few disorders, have all shown to have possible connections with electromagnetic and radio frequency fields. These very diseases are now increasing in the population in a direct proportion to our increase exposure to these high technology electrical devices. All appliances found in the home have some electrical component to them. As such, over time with the amount of exposure, they will have some kind of biological impact on the human body. The human body is electrical by nature. Our neurological systems function by using electrical currents, like the cerebral cortex. Every single cell in our bodies is stimulated by an electrical charge. When that electrical charge, for example in our heart, stops (cardiac arrest) we die. To bring the heart back we use an electrical current administered by two paddles across the chest, this restores and stimulates the cardiac muscle to work properly. Together, EMF’s with RF’s in our environment have increased health challenges exponentially. Computers, routers, cell phone towers, cell phones, and the wireless devices of all kinds, no matter how small, are all contributors to the electrical pollution that we endure on a daily basis.

Here at “True Life’s Solutions” we have isolated these problem areas. We work with your body’s electrical chemistry to find a safe and effective solution that is personal to you. We know where your problem areas are in your environment, and we fix them.